Advanced Bakery allows students to advance their knowledge and techniques learned in the basic program and then study bakery from a more professional perspective focusing on advanced methods of fermentation. 

Where Training is conducted in Pacific Hospitality and Culinary Academy at Setopool, Maitidevi, Kathmandu
Course Duration 1 Month
When Make an enquiry and we will provide you with different option for the timings.

This course includes all the units from basic bakery along with the additional units discussed below 

Introduction to Bakery
& Confectionery
18 hrs • General Overview
• Scope of Bakery
• Learning the Organizational Structure
• Units of Measurement
• Bakery & Confectionery Terms
• Basic Equipment for Bakery
• Baking Temperature for Bakery Products
Hygiene 14 hrs • General Overview
• Concept of Hygiene and its importance in
• Bakery
• Personal Hygiene
• Work Area Hygiene
• Basic First Aid
Structure of Wheat Grain 12 hrs • General Overview
• Physical Structure
• Longitudinal Section
Milling of Wheat 18 hrs • General Overview
• Composition of Wheat Flour
• Types of Flour
• Grades of Wheat Flour
• Water Absorption Power
• Gluten
Role of Raw Materials used for Bread Making 20 hrs • General Overview
• Making Essential: Flour, Salt, Yeast, Water, Sugar
• Optional: Fats & Oils, Eggs, Bread
• Improvers, Milk
Methods of Bread Making 10 hrs • General Overview
• Straight Dough Method
• Sponge and Dough Method
Characteristics of a
Good Bread
14 hrs • General Overview
• External: Volume, Symmetry of shape,
Crust Colour, Evenness of Bake, Oven Break
• Internal: Colour of Bread, Structure, Sheen and Texture, Flavour and Aroma, Crum Clarity, Moistness, Cleanliness

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