PHCA (Pacific Hospitality & Culinary Academy) offers internationally recognized Barista Curriculum here at Nepal. To meet the demand of highly skilled Baristas, PHCA  has joined hands with Beverage Standards Association (BSA) in UK to open the British Coffee School in Kathmandu, NepalThe course provided is accredited by the Association, which in itself is a British Government approved coffee qualification provider in the UK with course content and syllabus that is internationally recognized.

Are you ready to kick your coffee making skills in to top gear with our Advanced Barista Course? This barista course will focus on extraction theory and its applications I the café, and is the perfect extension to our Basic Barista course. 

This advanced barista course is designed for the barista elitist who wishes to refine their skills to enable them to produces the highest standard of coffee beverage  through a broad menu and on a consistent basis. 

 It’s now time to use the techniques that world class baristas use to set their coffee apart from the rest. 

The certification is provided by Beverage Standard Associations, UK itself.

Where Training is conducted in Café De Jamocha Training and Restaurant Centre which is equipped to meet industry standards at Setopool, Maitidevi, Kathmandu
Course Duration 50hours+
Mode and Method of Delivery A complete package of structured training centre with theory and practical sessions and Australian based Coffee Machines, infrastructures and highly professional barista instructors. Other methods of delivery used are but not limited to activities, lectures, competitions and technology based interactive learning
Assessments Assessments are combination of observation, discussion, written assignments, tests, practical observation in the training centre. Students are required to attend tests and practical assessments when scheduled.
When Make an inquiry and we will provide you with different option for the timings or visit

The unit of competency comprising this Qualification includes the following: 

Historical Elements of Raw Materials 1. Coffee history
2. Cocoa history
3. Tea history
4. History of coffee machines until 1960
until today
Coffee Botanical 1. Coffee tree
2. Morphology characteristics of the coffee tree
3. Basically species
4. Varieties of species
5. Hybrids
6. Field processing
7. Dry method
8. Wet method
9. Pulped Natural
10. Flavor characteristics due to Coffee processing
11. Decaffeination
Grinders 1. Technical characteristics of flat burrs
2. Technical characteristics of conical burrs
3. Grinder adjustment
4. Adjustment of dosing chamber
5. Filling port filter
6. Tamping
Water Hardness1. Softener resin refresh
2. Measurement of water pH
3. Measurement of water hardness
Preparation Ways Of Coffee 1. Ibrik coffee (Turkish)
2. Instant coffee
2.a. Hot
2.b. Cold
2.c. Filter coffee
2.d. Drip
2.e. Percolator
2.f. French press
2.g. Espresso
2.h. Moka pot
3. Espresso
4. Cappuccino
5. Espresso bar
Drinking Chocolate 1. Different ways of preparation
1.a. Hot chocolate.
1.b. In the steamer
1.c. In the drink mixer

2. Cold chocolate
2.a. In the drink mixer
2.b. In the blender
2.c. Cocoa
2.d. Hot cocoa in the steamer
2.e. Hot cocoa in the drink mixer
Tea 1. Different kind of tea
1.a. Green tea
1.b. Oolong
1.c. Black tea

2. Difference between tea and herbals
2.a. Desirable temperatures
Practical Test 1. Greek coffee in liquid gas
2. French Press
3. Adjusting grinder for espresso
4. Espresso (ristretto, espresso, lungo)
5. Cappuccino
6. Latte
7. Hot chocolate in the steamer
8. Cold chocolate in the drink mixer
9. Green tea
10. Black tea

Please contact the college to receive an indicative price and your suitable payment options for this course. 

With completion of our courses, you will be armed with the education you need to operate a successful retail coffee business. You will also gain the comprehensive knowledge required to be a world class barista. 


Don’t fear. If you are committed to growing your skills through baristas training, leave the rest to us! We can show you how to do that economically and effectively. 

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