Successful Chef

How to become a Successful Chef?

The growth of the Food Network and enlargement of luxurious hotels and restaurants has globalized the hospitality industry and glamorized the necessity of chefs for various cuisines. Choosing to start a career as a chef is something anyone can do at any time in their life. Becoming a chef opens up many diverse paths, you […]


Hello everyone! Firstly, I would like to start with my introduction. I am Archana Rajbansi and I am a student here at Pacific Hospitality And Culinary Academy enrolled in Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. I have just recently completed my one year of training with PHCA during which I got the opportunity to do my […]

Realising the potential of Work Based Training!

Why should I do Work Based Training (WBT)? What do I expect during WBT? What do I learn during WBT? Do you have these questions as well? Do these questions bother you? Let us guide you and help you figure out why is WBT an integral part of your curriculum. Firstly, what is Work Based […]

Successful Chef

Q/A with Chef David A Brunelli!

This interview was conducted keeping in mind that the students willing to pursue a career in Culinary Arts may have queries regarding the scope, the opportunities and the challenges this field offers. It is an informal interview with Australian Chef David A Brunelli who owns the restaurant, Gennarro’s Italian Restaurant in New South Wales, Sydney. […]

British Coffee School- Putting Nepal in the World Map of Coffee, one cup at a time!

  Coffee Culture was almost non-existent in Nepal 20 years ago. While the Country loved to indulge in Tea, Coffee was somewhat only for the Elites. You could pass by tea shops in almost every nooks and corners of the country but if you were in the search for a freshly brewed cup of coffee […]

Chef David Brunelli shares one of his favorite family recipes!

Being a Chef of a restaurant that you actually own comes with great responsibility! However, it certainly provides you brief moments of joy and fulfilling escapes through divine food indulgences in your own kitchen! Thrilling experiences through food experiments and exploration; one could get easily used to this life style! Having lived this life style […]


  Do you aspire to become a world-renowned Chef? Even top chefs once had to learn the basics of cookery. Good Food brings you the must-know skills that will take you from nervous novice to a confident cook! While they are with no doubt a few attributes that set aside the best talents from one […]


Take a look into the journey of Chef David A Brunelli!

What is it like to be born in a family of Chefs from generations? What are the inspirations and aspirations? Let’s take a brief look at the journey of one such well wisher of PHCA who started right from the bottom and made his way through becoming a Chef and now a restaurateur! Meet Australian […]