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When I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an Executive Chef I did not have proper guidance. I was not sure if I could fulfill my dream and did not have any clue as to what steps should I take for achieving my goals. After enrolling at PHCA, I received proper guidance, counseling, excellent training, great exposure and a pathway that brought me here and gave me this opportunity to work here at Australia. Now I feel more confident about myself and I believe in my dream of becoming an Executive Chef.

Rachana Khadka
Rachana KhadkaEnzo’s Cusina - NSW, Australia, 2016 Batch

PHCA is a nice place to learn! The instructors at PHCA have a lot of experience. It’s a good place to gain professional exposure. I would definitely recommend PHCA to my friends and family as it gives all of their students’ equal opportunity for growing and learning more, getting more skilled and securing a job in the international hospitality industry. I myself studied at PHCA and later was provided a pathway that brought me here at Roda Al Murooj Hotel, Dubai.

Geeta Acharya
Geeta AcharyaRoda Al Murooj, Dubai, 2016 Batch

Joining PHCA was the best decision I made! I received great Culinary skills and in depth knowledge of the Hospitality industry. And it not only offered trainings and skill programs but also provided a pathway to pursue my dream in the international hospitality industry. I am currently working at Millennium Hotel, Dubai and am very thankful to PHCA for making me this able.

Jagadishwor Adhikari
Jagadishwor AdhikariMillennium Plaza, Dubai, 2016 Batch

Joining PHCA was the best decision I made! I received great Culinary skills and in depth knowledge of the Hospitality industry. And it not only offered trainings and skill programs but also provided a pathway to pursue my dream in the international hospitality industry. I am currently working at Millennium Hotel, Dubai and am very thankful to PHCA for making me this able.

Bishnu Budhathoki
Bishnu BudhathokiRoda Al Murooj Hotel, Dubai, 2016 Batch

I visited the college and received great student service. Once I got to know more about the course I was given a tour of the College. I loved everything about it, the infrastructures, facilities and services it had to offer. Also, PHCA offered a long term support to not only train me and make me skilled but also provide me a pathway to build my career.

Prininka Baidya
Prininka BaidyaGennaro’s Italian Restaurant - NSW, Australia, 2016 Batch

We were at many times provided opportunities for Catering Operations. I really enjoyed myself in that particular training session as it gave me lots of experiences of working in the real time kitchen environment. The pressures of working with a team in a time limit and using all your creative energy and culinary skills to present beautiful dish items, it was just an awesome experience. And now that I am working in the international hospitality industry, I realize how significant these activities are.

Amrit Dhungana
Amrit DhunganaAl Hallab Restaurant & sweets - Dubai, 2016 Batch

I think it takes a lot of discipline, creativity and passion to pursue this art. I would just advice them to always believe in themselves and never stop creating. The more you practice the more exceptional culinary skills you will have and the more opportunities you will get! I myself am working in Australia and having culinary skills has made it so much easier for me to lead a quality life here. I would just say it is a great thing that one is willing to learn this discipline.  Happy Cooking to all!

Satya Narayan Chaudhary
Satya Narayan ChaudharyEnzo’s Cucina - NSW, Australia, 2016 Batch

I believe earning yourself an exceptional skill is very important to survive in the world of today. And if you want to learn a skill, what could be best than Culinary Arts. You make a living out of eating good food, exploring new place, new life style and new culture. And in addition to all these it offers a huge career prospect! What more can one ask for!

Baikuntha Poudel
Baikuntha PoudelThe Club - Abu Dhabi, 2016 Batch

I would say it takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams. So first Congratulations to all the future chefs! I would say choosing the subject of Culinary Art is the best decision. You get and earn yourself a skill that will remain with you till you die. You become competent and will definitely have a secure future as Chef is among the few professions that has a very high global job demand.

Deepa Dhital
Deepa DhitalEnzo’s Cucina - NSW, Australia, 2016 Batch

My mom and my grand mom! They used to love and enjoy cooking! I have grown up seeing them cook and enjoy cooking and it tasted go good that it made me happy even in my bad days. I always thought of cooking to me so much more than just eating! It is an art indeed!

Bibek Sigdel
Bibek SigdelAl Hallab Restaurant & Sweets - Dubai, 2016 Batch

Now that I have been working at The Club, Abu Dhabi I realize the significance of Work Based Training program. Had I not had an exposure to this, it would have been very difficult for me to adjust in this real working environment of the kitchen. But now since I have joined here, I am loved the overall experience and am more hopeful towards achieving more!

Basanta Kandel
Basanta KandelEnzo’s Cucina - NSW, Australia, 2016 Batch

The industrial training program really helped me to understand my work and responsibilities as a cook in the kitchen department.  There is a vast difference in cooking for yourself and cooking for the customer. It gives you an experience of the real working environment and teaches you work ethics, ownership and accountability which is very important if you want to survive in this hospitality industry. I am currently working at 8848, Australia and now I realize that WBT helped me a lot get an idea of the real working environment.

Shailendra Tiwari
Shailendra TiwariNWS, Australia, 2016 Batch

Well, I used to have huge passion & inclination towards cooking different cuisines from a very small age. I used to prepare breakfast for my relatives & guest. They always admired my food and that really motivated me to push myself further and learn more. And then eventually, as I grew up my siblings and my sister in-law suggested me to take culinary classes.

So many favorite things that I experienced in this culinary, before I came here, I was raw in my skills and was not aware about the cooking procedures and the significance of maintaining hygiene during food production and preparation. My chefs were very skilled, experienced and professional, so I learned so many things here during my training. I was able to overcome so many challenges and was able to take control of the fear, stress and pressure. My journey here has been very enjoying and engaging. It was an amazing experience!

Om Shankar Subedi
Om Shankar Subedi(3rd Batch) 2018

From a very young age I was drawn towards cooking and good food in general. With time, this developed into passion so to make into profession; eventually I got the support and motivation from family and friends to learn culinary arts.

There have been many cooking memories that I would cherish my entire life but this time when we had to cook duck confit, I was so excited and eagerly wanted to see this dish cooked because confit method of cooking was totally new for me. Cooking the duck submerging it in fat was a total shock for me, but the result was surprising & tasted really good. The tender meat & glaring the meat with pomegranate just was a memory that I would never forget. And of course, the taste, it was absolutely beautiful!

Supreme Bajracharya
Supreme Bajracharya(3rd Batch) 2018

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